X-Message-Number: 9420
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:15:15 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Priorities

        I agree with Perry Metzger that cryonics can be run as a business
and that it can make money.

        I also agree with Perry that the money can be raised to run
as a business.  If Bill Faloon and I chose to invest our money in running
as a business today, it could be run that way.  In my opinion, however, it
extremely difficult to make money running cryonics as a business today
the product we're selling is not good enough.

        As I see it, the consequences of having a poor product are as

        1) Lack of Credibility -- With the scientific and medical
with the media, and with the public-at-large.

        2) Selling Difficulties -- It's difficult to sell cryonics today,
even with the
best sales people because the product and the credibility of cryonics is so
The resistance that has to be overcome can be enormous, even for people who
*want* to sign up.  It's also inappropriate to use "high pressure" tactics
to sign
people up for a service that is not recognized by the authorities in any
way, and
that requires a fair amount of money.

        Because of all this, we have chosen to invest our money in research
through 21st Century Medicine.  Moreover, in the coming year I have decided
spend a good deal of my time seeking to raise money from others for
Before the end of 1998, I expect to have a business plan and prospectus
for 21 Century Medicine, which will be used in my efforts to obtain
for the company.

        I believe that, when 21CM demonstrates significantly improved
cryonics methods in research papers published in peer-reviewed science and
medical journals, patents and videotapes, as well as a well-funded,
long-term research
program aimed at perfected suspended animation, it will much easier to sell
cryonics to the world, to run cryonics as a business, and to make money
doing it.

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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