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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 11:15:40 -0400
From: P Michaels <>
Subject: Cryonics Institute...............No Sweat!

Usually I'm too busy to take part in discussions on this group, although I
do enjoy the positive nature of most of the posts.
I'm a European resident and also a Director of CI. Myself and my Wife and
Son signed with CI around seven or eight years ago, then I must have upset
someone and they made me a Director!

When I first started asking around, in the UK, about the various options
available to us Europeans the only slightly active group was Alcor UK (then
called Mizar).
Cost was a strong factor back then and what was the response from most
Cryonisists (usually not English) whenever I mentioned CI........."Hey
those Guys use rusty equipment"........They are too small and don't do much
at all really"......
"Jeez you should see where they store their patients, its a real rough
One person even said "Christ you're not thinking of signing withTHEM are
you, they don't charge anything like a realistic fee!"

Fortunately I decided to go and meet these undercharging, rusty equipment
using, pathetic un-business like incompetents.
Guess what, well no need, as from the begining of this post you already
know who we signed with.
I found the CI people were like me, never spending $$$$'s when $$'s would
do the job, not a single piece of rusty equipment in sight, and like me and
my family they didn't propose getting more than they could afford, and
ensuring they remained debt free.
In addition to this they were in the process of arranging Europe-wide
coverage by using a London based Undertaker who would be trained in the CI

Well, seven years on CI does now have a simply splendid large building in a
landscaped pleasant area of Michigan, still no debt, they fund some
freezing research, still no debt, they still have the same unrealistic
mimimum fee and still no debt and whats more they aint so small anymore,
andd of course we are the ONLY Cryonics group who offer professional
Western Europe coverage by trained people actually based in Europe. This is
pretty damned important when you live in England IMO.
I suppose, seven years on we could probably afford to switch to a more
expensive Cryonics option, yet I see no logical reason so to do.

What now, well Charles Platt suggest we may be causing brain damage, to our
patients, with our methods, andd when Bob Ettinger defends the CI position
in his usual quiet and reasonable manner Mr Platt says we can't prove that
we are not damaging our patients brains.

This is a major step forward in the long line of charges I've heard against
CI, and whats more its a criticism that cannot be completely refuted
without defrosting a patient........................Nice one Mr Platt.

Hmmmmmmmm.......now where did I put that rust remover?

Paul Michaels

******************I don't believe  in Life after
**********More importantly I don't believe in Death after

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