X-Message-Number: 9441
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:48:40 -0400
From: Saul Kent <>
Subject: Scientific Evidence

        I have some comments about the recent discussion on
Cryonet about scientific evidence regarding the damage caused by 
the  methods currently being used by various cryonics organizations to
freeze patients.

        Our objective at 21st Century Medicine (21CM) is to develop,
display and publish scientific evidence that is so strong that it is
difficult or 
impossible to argue over it.  

        I believe we have already done so in two areas related to cryonics:
hypothermia and resuscitation.

        We've restored dogs to normal life after up to 5 1/2 hours of
hypothermia.  Evidence of this can be found in written reports, videotapes
my pet dog Franklin, who was adopted after he went through this procedure.

        We've also restored dogs to normal life after up to 17 minutes
oxygen or blood flow.  Evidence for this was presented at the recent Alcor
Technology Conference, including one of the dogs who has gone through this

        Now,  that 21CM's new cryopreservation laboratory is nearing
completion, we're ready to go full blast on our organ cryopreservation
which will feature vitrification rather than freezing.  The scientific
evidence we hope
to present within the next few years in this field is the successful
transplantation of
at least one major organ after storage at the temperature of liquid

        At the same time, 21CM will be seeking to apply the methods
through this research to the vitrification of human organs and human

        I believe we have the research staff in place to achieve these
goals and to
go beyond them.  I believe further that the main thing that will determine
the speed at
which we can be successful in our research will be the amount of funding
for research.  Funding will also be needed to deliver the advances we
develop to
cryonics patients.  

        I look forward to working with others in the cryonics community
to better tap the financial resources needed for *both* research and

---Saul Kent, CEO
21st Century Medicine

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