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From: Ettinger <>
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 22:18:03 EDT
Subject: Serious Charges



Does Charles Platt have any comprehension of the seriousness of the charge he
has leveled against Dr. Pichugin and Prof. Zhegunov?

Charles initially asserted as "FACT," and several times repeated, that the
Ukrainian sheep head work gave relatively good results because it did not
duplicate the CI work. We used one pass with 75% glycerine, and they (Charles
said as "fact") used ramped up concentrations of glycerine.

After being repeatedly confronted with documentary evidence to the contrary,
Charles still does not admit he was wrong to state as "fact" what he did NOT
know to be fact. Instead, he says he "believes" that some "note" was
"attached" to someone's set of photos, saying that in reality the Ukrainians
did use ramped-up glycerine, contrary to their official report. 

The official report of Pichugin and Zhegunov was published in THE IMMORTALIST
and will also be added to our web site. It says they followed our instructions
and used 75% glycerine, period. So Charles in effect is accusing them of two
counts of fraud.

The first count would be a material misrepresentation in their report. The
second count would be a failure to carry out their agreed assignment, which
was to duplicate our work as closely as possible and evaluate the results to
the best of their ability.

The charge, of course, is ludicrous. Dr.Pichugin and Prof. Zhegunov did honest
and careful work. It just happens that the outcome is not very palatable to

Incidentally, Charles, you have characterized my recent posts as "diatribes."
As a professional wordsmith, you know better than that.

Robert Ettinger
Cryonics Institute
Immortalist Society

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