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Subject: Re: cryonics: #922 - #924
From: ruth! (Brian A. Stewart)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 92 16:47:51 CDT

I'm all for the idea of a cryonet digest!  Unfortunately for financial 
reasons I may be forced to move out of Madison, WI to West Baraboo, WI, 
which means if I wanted to receive e-mail and net news I would have to
make a long distance call...which I couldn't afford.  I may, however, 
be able to afford a low cost digest.  Please proceed with this project!

Brian A. Stewart.

P.S.:  If I can avoid the move and post anything woth including in the 
digest, feel free to do so.  The more info which gets out to the 
general public, the better.

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[ Brian, I have good news.  I just heard from Charles Platt that he
  is going ahead with his proposal to compile Cryonet Digest.  Message
  #0004 now includes the description below. - KQB

  CRYONET DIGEST - this is a digest of the most interesting cryonics
  messages appearing in the cryonics mailing list and/or USENET
  sci.cryonics news group.
  Sample copy $2 (cash only).  Four issues: $7 (cash or check or MO).
  Eight issues: $12 (cash or check or MO).  Make checks payable to
  Charles Platt (until he sets up a business name and a business bank
  account).  First issue should be expected in August.  Frequency of
  publication expected to be approximately monthly.
      Compiled by Charles Platt
      9 Patchin Place
      New York, NY 10011
      (212) 535-3643
      Email:   ]

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