X-Message-Number: 9474
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 10:51:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: Olaf Henny's post

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Olaf Henny wrote:

> -  If his concerns were sincere, he could have contacted Mr. 
> Ettinger privatly and expressed and discussed them.

I know of three people who visited CI at various times and noted that 
some of the procedures seemed to ignore some cryobiology basics. No one 
at CI seemed very interested.

> -  If he needed a bigger forum, he could have stated them on 
> CryoNet and let the subsequent discussion take its course.  He 
> did not do that.  Instead he fired a barrage of accusations 
> against CI, many prefaced by the terms "I believe..." or "I 
> understand...", meaning, that his information was hearsay,

My information was not hearsay. Contrary to the usual practices in online
discussions (!) I did some fact-fhecking: I made phone calls to sources
before I posted anything. If you go back to my original post, you will
find, I think, that none of its statements has been disproved. 

> unsubstantiated claims of deficiencies, which he did with 
> admirable patience.

My statements were substantiated.

> audience, inflicting severe damage to the cryonics movement as a 
> whole.

If I believe that the procedures being used at a cryonics organization run
counter to basic principles of cryobiology, sci.cryonics seems a very
appropriate forum in which to discuss this. You seem to be suggesting that
if someone feels concerned by public claims that seem exaggerated, and
procedures that may be damaging, we should just cover the whole thing up
and say nothing, "for the good of the cryonics movement." I believe the
exact opposite is the case. 

> early stages of the Timothy Leary 'debate'), I would judge Mr. 
> Platt's bottom line as "red".

Do you mean that CryoCare is in debt? If so, I will be happy to send you 
a copy of our balance sheet, which has just been generated and will be 
mailed to our members within the next 10 days. Incidentally, isn't this 
the kind of hearsay you were complaining about? Shouldn't you check your 
facts first?

> Having said all that, I am very pleased to hear, that Mr. 
> Halperson's (not mine, since I am not insider enough to judge) 
> asserted poor cooperation has shown some improvement.

The name is "Halperin." You really DO need to do some fact-checking!


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