X-Message-Number: 9482
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 21:10:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Doug Skrecky <>
Subject: optimal cooling rate may be 1 C/hour for kidneys

Cryobiology 21: 529-535 1984
"The Effect of Cooling and Warming Rate on Cortical Cell Function
Glycerolized Rabbit Kidneys"


   Experiments previously reported (Cryobiology 19: 668 1982) suggested
that rabbit kidneys permeated with 2 M glycerol are least damaged during
freezing and thawing if they are cooled very slowly (1 C/hr). Using similar
techniques of glycerolization, cooling, storage at -80 C, rewarming, and
deglycerolization, active cell function in cortical tissue slices prepared
from such kidneys has now been studied. Oxygen uptake, tissue K/Na ratio
after incubation, and slice/medium PAH ratio after incubation were
measured. Kidneys cooled at 3.1 C/min and warmed at 4.2 C/min gave poor
results in the previous studies and the lowest levels of cell function in
the present experiments. Kidneys cooled at 1 C/hr exhibited degrees of
slice function that were dependant on warming rate: warming at 1 C/min was
better than warming at either 1 C/hr or 20 C/min. These results refine the
previously drawn conclusions, (loc cit) and indicate optimal cooling and
warming rates for rabbit kidneys containing  2 M glycerol, in the region of
1 C/hr cooling and 1 C/min warming. These rates are much lower than have
hitherto been used by others for any system. Some implications of these
findings are discussed.

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