X-Message-Number: 9486
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 10:38:13 -0700
From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: Thanks to Joe Strout

Thanks Joe for pointing out my misspelling of Bob Ettinger's name.  I
apologize to all for this error and most of all to Bob Ettinger. The most
important word in the world is our name and to misspell it is not right. I
now have Ettinger in my spell checker and hopefully will not make that
error again.

To miss a 't' does not make the rest of what I said invalid. I have never
been a good speller. 

You pointed out that "scam" is a serious charge to make. I can only say
that I did not make it absolutely clear that this was and is my opinion
only and not a charge against anyone. Let me restate without using "scam".
In my opinion to keep promoting a process that is clearly inferior to
others is not a thing to do.  I do not have the resources or care to
duplicate what others have done in order to decide what is the best choice
for my suspension.  Therefore, I will rely on others more knowledgeable and
their research to help me make a more informed decision.  

I hope that CI will be able to take advantage of Mike Darwin's offer to
upgrade  CI's suspension protocol.  In my opinion this would go a long way
to improve CI's credibility.

I believe that I am much more than a casual observer. What I have done for
cryonics is too long and involved for this forum and would take more time
than I want to put into it now. My contributions are very minor to others
who are far more deserving and worthy of that kind of recognition.
However, if you or anyone else would like to know more about what I have
done in the way of effort, money, promotion, etc, please e-mail me direct.

Or you can call me. 520-203-0161.

Thanks again Joe, I also have no desire to start or get into a flame war.
I only wanted to add my thoughts. I should have been able to do it in a
less inflammable way.

Billy H. Seidel

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