X-Message-Number: 9764
Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 13:04:22 -0600
From: Borys Wrobel <>
Subject: self insurance 

Jim Yount:

>The insurance companies do a pretty good job of pricing their produce to
>produce a small per-policy profit, and to properly account for mortality
>and the cost of money.
>I don't think we could save enough through self insurance to make much
>difference in recruitment.  However, many people may not be aware that
>they can pay a relatively small amount to an insurance company >(up-front)
and be covered for a lifetime.

I, for one, was not aware of that. But I am also thinking about stand-by
fees at that point. I think that simplifying the sign-up procedure would
make a big difference. Many people might be put off by the lenghty and
complicated procedure. Even small improvements here might translate into
increased appeal of the sign-up process. I wonder, furthermore, if it would
not be worthwile to team up with a specific insurance company so that it
could provide a special program for cryonics organization members. I do
realize that it has its risks if the insurance company folds up, but the
members might have an option to use another company still if they chose to. 

>Perhaps we should publicize (on our web pages and elsewhere) various
>cryonic suspension payment plans.  One of the myths that negatively
>impacts enrollment is that cryonics is so expensive it is just affordable
to >the rich.

The other problem is that it is availible more or less in the US only, and,
as I hear, in the UK. Is that so?


PS: I would be very interested in finding out  more about what *my*
specific options for signing up now might be right now, on this forum or in
private. Thank you in advance...

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