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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 09:59:41 -0400
From: Josh Aaron Glasstetter <>
Subject: Subject: Minsky and the Skeptics

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>Just thought people might be interested. I believe that Mike Darwin also 

>once gave a talk at CalTech for the local skeptics group. I am curious

>cryonics is handled by the skeptic community, if anyone knows.

goto www.skeptic.com for the skeptics soceity of caltech which holds
lectures and publishes <italic>Skeptic</italic> magazine, actually the
2nd edition of <italic>Skeptic</italic> magazine, which is sold at
newsstands across the nation, had cryonics on the cover and the following

Special Cryonics Section Introduction 

           The Society for the Recovery of Persons

           Apparently Dead 

                By Steven B. Harris 

           Cryonics: Reaching for Tomorrow 

                By Michael Darwin and Brian Wowk 

           Basic Questions and Answers About Cryonics 

                From Alcor Life Extension Foundation 

           Skeptical Perspectives: "Can Science Cheat

           Death?" Cryonics, Altered States and the Quest

           for Transcendence 

                By Michael Shermer 

if you want a copy of this mag, goto the website and buy a back issue, i
have attached a scan of the cover that i found on the skeptics' website

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