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From: "George Smith" <>
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Subject: What we must DO. 
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:47:18 -0700

I feel we need to do 3 things:

(1) OPTIMISM - Be optimistic.

Cryonics by definition requires an optimistic anticipation of future events
for success.

(2) EXPANSION - Seek to expand the membership base.

With more members comes strength, social and financial.

(3) HONESTY - Not assume we know the future before it arrives.

Current beliefs about what research will have to be performed to achieve
complete success are just that:  beliefs.

The above three issues demand that we NOT do the opposite, to wit:

(1) PESSIMISM - Be pessimistic.

Such as guessing that cryonics won't work (especially if couched as if this
were based upon scientific facts).

(2) REGRESSION - Oppose seeking new members for cryonics.

Such as demanding that we first have "better" procedures (which CAN'T be
proven until AFTER suspended patients are successfully reanimated, making
this a total redundancy).

(3) HUBRIS - Assume we know the future.

Such as pretending we already know what will and what won't work for
cryonics NOW before it has been shown to be true by successful reanimations.

Because of the Nano-computer breakthrough, we have every reason to be far
more optimistic due to the social forces behind modern medical research.
(Follow the money).  Pessimism is not only uncalled for and needlessly
self-defeating, it is now very, very unlikely to have much in terms of

Expansion and honesty are obvious next steps, I would suggest.

-George Smith

In message #12279, Thomas Donaldson wrote:

> Despite my disagreements with Mike Perry on fundamental philosophy, I find
> that I agree completely with him on the issue of simultaneously doing
> research to improve cryonic suspension and suspending patients NOW.
> And after all this is the real, fundamental question we have to ask NOW.
> The rest is philosophy. While I find philosophy interesting and even
> ultimately important, we should not lose sight of what we must actually
> DO. And I agree with Mike on that issue.

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