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Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 04:31:33 EDT
Subject: Great Article, Saul!

In a message dated 04/30/2000 5:02:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

 Saul Kent wrote:
 >         Check out:  www.lef.org, the web site of the
 > Life Extension Foundation.
 If I receive an email message containing a string of the form
 http://www.lef.org, it appears in my mailer as a link that I 
 can just click on.  If the message just contains www.lef.org, 
 I have to clear the URL line, select the URL, and cut and paste
 it, or type it in (all of this more difficult since MS). 
 Please have mercy on your readers (and make it that much 
 easier to get eyeballs to your Web site!) -- put the "http://"
 prefix on all URLs you post!
 --  >>
Hello, Kennita, Saul Kent, and Everyone.

This is Rudi Hoffman writing.

Congratulations to Saul Kent for an excellent article referenced above.  

I have happily been a member of Life Extension Foundation  since 1994.   
These people do an outstanding job, and the $75 per year membership includes 
a very informative, professionally produced monthly magazine and discounts on 
high quality vitamins and supplements.

Equally important, our membership supports the only people on the planet 
actually doing hard science research on topics of interest to us as 

Not only does LEF provide more than a "value for value" relationship, 
supporting them benefits us in numerous ways that Saul and LEF will gladly 
outline on their website and promo literature.

By the way,  Saul and Kennita, my browser copied this reference as it was 
written and took me to the LEF site.

I am using whatever browser comes with AOL version 4.0.

I know all you tech-weinies hate AOL, perhaps with good reason... but it DID 
do this right!

Daytona Beach, FL  

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